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The 21st century has been filled with many exciting changes and developments in various fields of knowledge. Revolutions have also taken place such as the environmental revolution, where issues on the environment have taken a large toll in peoples lives, as well as the digital revolution, due to the increasing technologies in communication and in the world of finance. The 21st century is also the time different fields have combined in order to give hundreds of new services to the common consumer. For example, since the beginning of the century, sales on communication has reached a record high as mobile phones stormed the world and connected massive numbers of people. It escalated the profits of mobile phone manufacturers and communication providers at an overwhelming rate. This trend grew even more with the rise of the World Wide Web. Social media through the internet dramatically changed the social landscape of the people in the world. As social websites grew, so did the business opportunities that go along with it, and so came social media marketing.

Social media marketing is basically to be able to get enough internet traffic as possible in order to get peoples attention. This can be done by putting some ads on different social networking sites or simply by blogging. Social media marketing can be anything as long as you are able to get peoples attention using social media as a platform. For example, a blog post regarding how cool a particular phone model is would convince people to buy the product and increase its sales. Businesses can use videos with funny and interesting themes and post it on the internet to gain attention.

So why use social media as a platform? The answer is simple: because everybody is in it. Social media is easily accessible, especially now when people are busy communicating and posting their thoughts in Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and other social networking sites. This makes it so easy to transfer information from one potential consumer to the other. The second most important reason why business chooses social media is because it is cheap. Television advertising is one of the most commonly used mediums used by large commercial companies. However, small businesses cannot afford the pay for the airtime and would thus look for other means of getting noticed. This has brought new business strategies such as Facebook marketing. All it takes is a Facebook account and a lot of friends to pass your ads around their networks. Expansion is even possible with Facebook marketing by creating fan pages if a large network has already been established. All that potential consumers need to do is to click like and they will get all the latest updates on the products being marketed.

When engaging in social media marketing, what is most important is to know the interests of the majority of the population. This means that extensive research must be conducted first. One must also take into consideration the type of people who are engaged in the internet, their age range, and their common interests, before a concept can be introduced. Some of the most successful products sold online consist of electronic gadgets, food, and apparel. Aside from research, social media marketing also involves a number of tools such as monitoring, aggregation, automation, tagging, and a blog market. Blogs are one of the key tools in marketing because it tends to spark public opinion. Blogs in the form of product reviews and experience stories are vital to the success of the business.

Social media is a very effective platform for marketing. However, it is important to take note that although social media can get you to a lot of people, getting noticed will still depend on creativity and innovation.

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