Videos Help Small Businesses Crush Their Competition

Video Marketing

Look around at your competition and take note of all of the ways that they’re promoting themselves. Are they doing online advertising? Newspaper advertising? Billboards?

The first instinct is to copy what your competition is doing. But that’s not always the best route to take. Even if these businesses around you are advertising in different ways, that doesn’t mean their advertising is effective.

Chances are, none of your competitors are putting out videos. And that’s where you have an opportunity to crush them.

Videos put you above them

Consider something as simple as a website. Imagine one restaurant has a website, whereas the other one just has a Yelp page. Which one looks better to you?

To most people, the one with the full website will look better. Sure, there are plenty of good restaurants out there that don’t have websites, but by and large all reputable restaurants have spent money on a website by now.

Videos are just like websites in terms of brand promotion. They don’t have a website, but you do. This leads to…

Increased customer trust

If we continue the example of comparing video marketing to a website, not only do you look better than your competitors who don’t have videos, but it opens up a brand new avenue to instill trust in your customers. By having promotional videos and marketing them effectively, not only do you get your content in from of their eyes, but you get effective advertising in front of their eyes.

There’s a reason why TV commercial cost exponentially more than radio slots. For the most part, video ads simply work better. You can say a lot more in a video than you can a simple flyer or print advertisement.

More eyeballs on you

With effective promotion, a video can put you in front of customers who would otherwise never see your name. The thing about videos is that when people are in the mood to watch them, they will watch almost anything. Even if your ad is purely promotional, people will still like it.

You won’t be quite as lucky with other forms of advertising. People have become immune to many forms of traditional advertising, especially when it comes to the internet. In fact, according to DoubleClick (owned by Google, one of the largest ad networks in existence) banner ads only get a 0.10% click through rate. That means if you pay for 1,000 people to see your banner ad, only one person will actually click on it!

Videos are much different, because the people watching videos are already looking at new things, taking in new information, and even subconsciously deciding which brands to become loyal to.

Creating a video and marketing it effectively can do wonders for any small business. It’s an avenue of advertising that most small businesses simply aren’t aware of yet, which leaves all of the customers yours for the taking. And it’s effective because, well, it’s a video. We will make a video and promote it – you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get. Call us 888-660-0648.

Video Marketing


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